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Join over 1500 Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Coaches 

to completely change the way you do business or coach clients

Metasysteme's organizational coaching team has 20+ years on transforming organizations performance. 

Below are three challenges that are affecting today’s organizations and how organizational coaching contributed in breakthrough the challenges:

Systemic Coaching Fundamentals


Systemic coaching training to become a better leader, manager, entrepreneur or to become a professional international systemic coach.

Acquire 63 training hours + up to 180 practice hours. 

The powerful dimension of this relatively short coach training cycle rests on its original teaching frame of reference in total coherence with the spirit of systemic coaching.

The learning process is immediately focused on teaching advanced coaching skills, addressing each participant as a potential master systemic coach rather than as a beginner. The taught techniques are distilled to their finest dimension, and exempt of superfluous theory.

Start: September 23, 2024

End: December 18, 2024

How long: 9 days split into 4 modules (63 hours)

Where: Live Virtual on Zoom

Cadence: 2 days/month

Language: English


An organizational coaching process immediately serves to consolidate interfaces between and within all present teams, including the executive team.

It is obvious, however that this larger organizational coaching approach will deliver results to the extent of the executive team’s collective commitment.

To ensure success, the organization’s leader and executive team therefore need to actively participate in the systemic organizational coaching process.

They need to model the commitment they expect.


Our systemic organizational coaches (and team of coaches) accompany your teams while your team members actively modify their collective belief system (basic assumptions and frame of reference) and their active operating principles. 

These in fact determine their behavioral culture and determine their results. Consequently, systemic organizational coaching is an extremely powerful process that serves to transform underlying organizational architectures that determine how corporations perform or underperform.

What is Systemic Coaching?

In our perception, systemic coaches are neither experts in a new coaching field nor academic theoreticians who promote an intellectually stimulating body of knowledge. As coaches, they simply and practically accompany people, teams and organizations:

  • First by perceiving a wide range of coach and client individual and collective patterns. Systemic pattern recognition is therefore the first systemic coaching skill.

  • By leveraging powerful options and solutions as these naturally emerge out of previously unexplored coach and client folds of reality.

  • Appropriate coaching responses and questioning then serve to challenge, stretch and bend perceived shared coach and client patterns. Systemic coaching is consequently characterized by specific systemic coach competencies.

Consequently for a systemic coach, there cannot be a difference between life coaching, professional coaching, spiritual coaching, health coaching, leadership coaching, project coaching etc. Considering that a systemic paradigm embraces complexity and is all-inclusive, it serves to transcend all these local differences, all oppositions, all polarities and boundaries. 

For systemic coaches such superficial distinctions do not serve client and coach clarity, alignment and effectiveness.

Image by Annie Spratt


Explore Metasysteme's Transformational Programs

Systemic Coaching Fundamentals

Systemic coaching training to become a better leader, manager, entrepreneur or to become a

professional international systemic coach.

Metacoach Systemic Team Coach Training

A structured, complete, comprehensive program focused on training team leaders and coaches to become highly systemic coaching professionals.

Systemic Coaching Supervision Marathon​

Systemic Group Supervision Marathon is a perfect arena for you to actively improve existing coaching skills and develop new competencies and systemic individual and team coaching


Empower your systemic lenses to facilitate new insight and quantum leaps for your development

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