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Alain Cardon (The Founder)

Navigating International Leadership Coaching

The Founder: Alain Cardon-MCC - Master Certified Coach

Meet Alain Cardon-MCC, a distinguished Master Certified Coach (International Coach Federation) since 2002. With a profound expertise in systemic executive coaching, team coaching, and organizational coaching, Alain has left an indelible mark on leaders and corporations across Europe, North & South America, and Asia.

Alain Cardon-MCC

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Master Certified Coach (International Coach Federation) since 2002, specialized in systemic executive coaching, team coaching, and organizational coaching for leaders and corporations all over Europe, North & South America, Asia.

Recognized systemic executive coach trainer and systemic coach supervisor at Metasysteme Coaching Academy, delivering ICF validated Accredited Coach Training Hours in France and Romania. Has occasionally delivered systemic coaching training programs, coach supervision, or workshops in Belgium, Germany, Morocco, Spain, and Mexico.

Alain has developed a direct, confronting, and empowering coaching approach which may be defined as a blend of brief, systemic, creative, and breakthrough posture and techniques. Although French national and part-time resident, his intensely international personal life and career also make it difficult to define Alain’s executive coaching heritage as originating from one or another coaching school of thought, one or another national frame of reference.

His passionate and resolutely practical systemic executive coach approach is perceived as foundational in what can be called a “continental” coaching style that could be defined as systemic, respectful, confronting and challenging, minimalist, very effective and creative, time efficient and motivating approach. Very committed to widely sharing advanced systemic coaching resources in his books and on his website:, on Facebook, KINDLE, and on YouTube.

Personal goal: retiring in 2049 or after, In Sha Allah

Specialties: Motivational bootlegger, paradigm hacker & re-designer, breakthrough artist, performance catalyst, team conspirational agitator, transitional alchemist, i.e.: systemic executive, team and organizational coach.

And, More Privately:

  • Alain Cardon was born in Algeria in 1949.

  • He grew up in Egypt, until 1967, so he can understand Egyptian Arabic.

  • Graduate studies in the United States until 1973, so he speaks English with a slight Middle-West American accent.

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