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Systemic Coaching Supervision Marathon


It is an ICF-validated ACSTH coach-training program.

Systemic Group Supervision Marathon is a perfect arena for you to actively improve existing coaching skills and develop new competencies and systemic individual and team coaching


  • Duration: 3 Days of training and practice

  • Time commitment: 21 hours Learning and Practice

  • Subject: Systemic Team Coach

  • ICF Accreditation: CCE - 21 hours of training and three hours of individual mentoring

  • Attendance: Max 15 participants

  • Language: English

  • Platform: Zoom

This Program is highly suitable for:
  • Executives

  • Leaders and Team Leaders

  • Project and network managers

  • Team and organizational coaches

  • Team-building /development consultants

  • Entrepreneurs


Three consecutive days of intensive systemic coaching supervision for trained Executive, team and organizational coaching professionals. (Excellent ACSTH training to prepare for ACC, PCC and MCC ICF certification! )

What it includes:

  • Allows managers and coaches to evaluate their own current level of competencies

  • Provides an ideal learning arena for each to actively improve existing systemic coaching skills, develop new competencies, work through their current business challenges and set coaching and management development goals for their future

  • Includes systemic individual, life and team coaching dimensions that simultaneously integrate personal, interpersonal and collective resonances

  • Applie sall forms of coaching within personal and professional contexts such as in executive, life, team and organizational coaching work future.

  • Simultaneously covers situations and issues brought by the participating managers and coaches, supervision of observed coaching work in situ, and supervision of interactions within the group as a systemic vector of unfolding synchronic or fractal occurrence

Systemic coaching and management rests on a totally inclusive frame of reference or reality principle. Systemic professionals perceive themselves as participating observers who are totally involved within their professional and client contexts and issues, sharing their objectives and ambitions, their client behavioral patterns, processes and results. By intimately participating within professional and client issues and solutions, systemic professionals never consider themselves external or neutral to their quests. They thus develop an awareness that embraces connections between multiple levels of reality within which they are included.

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